Asia (en)

The continent by definition, wide, varied and populated, motherland of people and philosophies which have influenced the course of history.

Asia is the continuity of the western world toward the oriental edge of Earth. Beyond it, only the ocean divides it from the other lands.

China, millenial and modern, Japan which lies strongly within its traditions, India and its mysticism, the Middle East, land of conflicts and spirituality make Asia the most interesting continent under many aspects, from its culinary to architectural culture. Dubai and its skyscrapers represent a crossroad of modernity and tradition, Southeast Asia is genuine and welcoming.

A melting pot of cultures which will make an impact and that will leave an indelible mark in your soul.

“The spirit of Asia is mystery, contemplation, rest. Its eyesight unmovable, deep, continuous, majestic. Asia is God’s garden, a garden full of shade, a garden where every plant, every flower, every fruit has its symbolic expression”. – Giuseppe Vannicola.


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