South America (en)

A triumph of colors, nature, people and languages, this is South America. An exceptional continent, both for its geographical position and its climate, tropical in the North and glacial in the South in “Tierra del Fuego” (Land of Fire), an evocative name in contrast with its real nature.

The white beaches of Los Roques in Venezuela as well as the pristine beaches of the Galapagos Islands, will offer you emotions beyond words, for lifetime memories.

The passion of South Americans will warm your heart as well as the strenght of the ethnies in Peru, Equador and Bolivia, who live at altitudes which are completely unusual for us, surrounded and protected by some of the most beautiful peaks in the world.

“Dream what you want; go wherever you want to go; because you have only one life and one change to do the things you want to do”. – Paulo Coelho, Things I learned in life.


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